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The Event of the summer 2015

Organization of the event of the summer, the BACARDÍ Summer Wave 2015 that captured Isola d’Elba with 15 days of beach parties and celebrations, generating staggering results:

100,000 direct contacts, 50 thousand Bacardi cocktails served, more than 100 hours of music over 15 days and a 5% increase of presences at Elba, exactly for the Summer Wave.

The fifteen days of music and entertainment climaxed with two top events: the concert of the rappers Raige and Ensi and the

Live Performance of DJ Bob Sinclar, who «heated up» the island, transforming it into an open-air discotheque.

Numbers and results: 
funny days
people at the Bob Sinclar concert
direct contact

The wonderful Partnerships with Moby/Toremar, Peugeot, Dampai, Kasa dei Kolori and Hawaiian Tropic, the use of approximately 100 staff, the entertainment of the DJs of Radio 105 and the preparation of the most famous bartenders in Italy ensured the great success of the project, offering the public a mix of good music, entertainment and healthy fun, always with the motto of «drinking responsibly».

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Reale Group ha scelto Louder per un evento straordinario, il primo international strategic meeting che si è svolto a Torino.
Creatività e organizzazione sono stati i driver di scelta che hanno decretato il successo dell’evento.