Be Active Be Fashion

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Two consecutive weekends dedicated to sport, wellness, style and technology

The idea, development and organisation of the Be Active, Be fashion Tour in squares and the Designer Outlets of Serravalle, Noventa di Piave, Barberino,

Castel Romano and La Reggia.

Two consecutive weekends dedicated to sport, wellness, style and technology.

3 areas for each centre, in which it was possible to learn about various sporting disciplines, discover the correct clothing for each activity and take part in the physical test of the game, thanks to the Nintendo Wii U consoles.

Numbers and results: 
outlet involved
game stations
direct contacts

consoles.To conclude, the partnership between Nintendo and McArthurGlen povided a fantastic competition in which you could win the innovative Wii U console and many other prizes.

An event with over 15,000 direct contacts.

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